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2022-09-27 - 2022-09-27


Edd Fox will be available to the general public on Tuesday, September 27th, 2022, at 5 pm EST, 2 pm PT. Whitelist spots can be earned through participation in our discord! WL will be 0.25 SOL, and public sales will be at .7 SOL. Additionally, the top 22 ranked members in the discord the day of launch will be air dropped a free Edd Fox! The mint button will be added to the homepage of bobbyrabbits.com at the time of release. Come join in on the fun and see what we have been creating at ...

2022-09-19 - 2022-09-19


PixWolves is a collection of 10000 randomly generated pixelated elements living on the Ethereum blockchain. Each PixWolves is unique and comes in different types and varies greatly in rarity depending on its attributes. NFT Collection + Metaverse, Token Standard ERC-721. You will get incredible benefits for having one of these friends in your hands.

2022-09-10 - 2022-09-10


We will be giving away 3 Free HypeBots NFT1. Follow @HypebotsSociety at Twitter 2. Retweet pinned post 3. Tag 2 friends Winners will be announced on our Official Twitter Account.

2022-09-02 - 2022-09-02


Reckless is a free-to-play, play-to-earn online multiplayer game featuring PvP gladiator battles and a badass NFT collection.  This collection is generated from over 250 professionally hand-drawn details and will consist of 7000 NFTs (a cool looking body part or weapon, one of: head, torso, arms, legs, axe) allowing for over 70 000 possible combinations and an unmatched thematic variety from gladiators, though pirates, freaks, and beasts to robots, aliens, and demons.. The collec ...

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