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2022-12-22 - 2022-12-22


Oh....it seems to be something 'alive'...Ah, wait, it's just such an ordinary microphone....or not...    There's a collection of 515 collectible microphones made in collaboration with a neural network and stylized in the direction of fine art "printmaking". These works are made in the techniques of engraving, monotype, woodcut, etching and other areas of printmaking.    It is the second collection of the Sound Family DAO ecosystem after The Art of the Fiel ...

2022-10-14 - 2022-10-14


Hands of Venice (HOV) is launching to create an NFT talent label for street artists, run by a DAO.  Help us discover the next Banksy’s, Bowie’s, and Basquiat’s! The collection is an intimate capsule of NFT photos depicting the community of people on Venice Beach, California- the collection that inspired us to create the Hands of Venice project.  There are Silver, Gold, and Platinum editions.  Owning an HOV NFT grants you voting power in the DAO to hel ...

2022-08-28 - 2022-08-28


Hug Ducks carry the mission to restore love to the human world. The Hug Duck Club is a collection of 10,000 unique Hug Duck NFTs— unique digital collectibles created by advanced gene-editing and AI technologies. Millions of generations have been tested, eventually bringing us over 300 optimal traits. Holding a Hug Duck NFT grants you membership access to the Club Lounge. This is where all the fantasy happens - NFT drops, various live events and much more remain to be decided by ...

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