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MadforNFT is (a subsidiary company of www.CrowdFundjunction.com) a Crypto Event Organiser and NFT Launch Partner for Celebrity, Influencer, Fashion, Art, Property and Brands. We create and market NFT campaign of highly Vetted projects at no cost and earn from the revenue share.

We help Celebrities , Influencers and Brands understand the value of NFTs , create new revenue streams and increase user engagement experiences. Most Influencers , Celebrities , Brands may miss the NFT train because they don't have a crypto community , don't know how to launch their NFT and make their NFT stand out i.e they don't have the right NFT launch Partner.

So If you ready to organise your next Crypto Event or sell out your NFT , then schedule a strategy call with us.

CrowdFundJunction (CFJ) is Crypto Community DAO and Influencer Driven NFT Venture Capital . CFJ has already partnered with the movers & shakers and disruptors in the crypto industry such as MEXC Exchange, Polygon Studio, Bitrue Exchange , Bsc Station, Lunapad, Babylons, Propine Custody , Aurora Ventures, and Ranker Dao to name a few.

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Founder & CEO

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Tech Advisor

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Community Advisor



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“ NFTs Fosters Marketplace Efficiency ”

“ NFTs Can Be Used to Fractionalize Ownership of Physical Assets ”

“ NFTs Can Provide Diversification Benefit to a Traditional Portfolio ”


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Are you looking to dive into the world of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)? Look no further than MadForNFTs, the premier NFT DAO and NFT Academy. Our goal is to provide you with all the resources you need to succeed in this exciting new world of digital collectibles...

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