Our Full Featured  NFT Package

Our Launch  Process

Set up your wallet
STEP - 01

Get project's details, Discuss NFT Chain, Platform, Pricing & Utility, Community Building.

Buy your collection
STEP - 02

Viral Marketing planning, Collaboration & Partnership, Smart Contract on Testnet

Add your NFT's
STEP - 03

Setup Whitelist, Discord, Twitter and other tech support, Minting website & Launch NFT

Our Services

  • 2D Static NFT Randomized Images Generation
  • Provenance Hash
  • ERC721/ERC721A Smart Contract
  • Merkle Tree Whitelist
  • Frontend Website
  • Backend API
  • IPFS Upload/Metadata Generation
  • Website Gated Minting
  • Discord Verified User Minting
  • NFT Art Design on a Layered Photoshop File
  • Website Design on Wireframe (Figma preferred)

What MadforNFTS Offers

Create Your NFT Campaign

Brands, Asset Owners, and Creatives, just bring your physical asset or art over and let us generate the NFT for you.

Featured Collection

Have a great brand but don't know where to start? From a-z, We help to design, develop curate, and showcase interesting campaigns and collections.

Mint and Market your NFT

Already have an NFT collection in place? Brands, Asset Owners, and Creatives, we can create your NFT campaigns and manage your minting. From world class Artists and Brands to AI generated art, you name it and we can make the collaboration happen.

Partners & Supporters

“ NFTs Fosters Marketplace Efficiency ”

“ NFTs Can Be Used to Fractionalize Ownership of Physical Assets ”

“ NFTs Can Provide Diversification Benefit to a Traditional Portfolio ”

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