2022-10-07 - 2022-10-07





The renowned video game publisher Atari is celebrating its 50th anniversary by launching an NFT collection in collaboration with the iconic digital artist, Butcher Billy, famous for his work in Stranger Things, Netflix, and Marvel. The collection of NFT posters comprises 15 original Atari IPs, 35 logos, 16 stickers, and remastered advertising materials, processed in highly-recognizable pop-art motifs by Butcher Billy. The series of 2,600 NFTs in total is launching in September and will be redeemable for physical framed posters. But that's not all! The video game publisher is also setting up an interactive Atari Club Hotline. Everyone willing can call or drop a line to 1-888-ATARI50 for free to uncover clues about the project, get perks, learn more about NFTs, and leave voicemails for the team.  Interestingly, the current NFT initiative is far from being Atari's first web3-focused endeavor. The company had already released a Loot Box NFT series last year. Besides, back in June, Atari announced its plans for an interactive game museum creation, as well as a one-of-a-kind metaverse space dubbed Room 133. The superb web3 experience resembles a classified engineering room from Atari's California-based headquarters. Returning back to the anniversary NFT sales, the Atari tokens are split into six rarity tiers, including Base or Common, Laminated or Uncommon, Build Up or Rare, Spin or Super Rare, Gold Edition or Super Rare, and Collector's Edition, also referred to as Ultra Rare.   With the newest NFT series launch, Atari officially confirms that the company's future will be focused on web3. This can also be seen by looking at Atari's roadmap, which includes The Sandbox Season 3, a merch creation, token airdrops, and the Atari Club's launch in the long run. To reward the community, and fund future metaverse-related initiatives, the project’s founders will return over $500K back to the holders with closed events, airdrops, and more. The anniversary-timed Atari collection is dropping in almost no time. Don’t miss a chance to join the project to trade, collect, or exchange your NFTs with others and make the most of them!

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