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Cronos's Drops

2022-12-14 - 2022-12-14


Birth Of Bitcoin Issue 2 Nft ($50) - Physical comic (only available to Access Pass holders) - Digital comic book Click here to purchase an Access Pass NFT  Digital Dope Nft ($50) - Digital Dope Dealer music + visual - Digital comic book  Stuck In My Ways Nft ($50) - Stuck in my Ways music + visual  - Digital comic book Hunnit Nft ($100) - Lil Bitcoin x Illmind's (feat. Crypto Chris) "Hunnit" music + visual - 100-minute Zoom meeting w/ Lil Bitcoin team + Illmi ...

2022-09-15 - 2022-09-15


BOB Adventure is a super limited collection of 666 NFTs with 100+ different traits. Only 600 will be for sale, because 66NFTs will go to community wallet and will be used for giveaways, contests and other activities. We wanted to make it super limited because we want that demand is more than supply, this will benefit the price for early investors. Also we have 3 different factions. (Humans, Cyborgs and Reptiles) And 3 legendary (1 from each faction) MISSION Our main is to build strong ...

2022-09-23 - 2022-09-23


Trillionaire Trashcans - A 10,000 uniquely created PFP project coming to you. As you may have heard the TTC NFT project has some of the best giveaways the Cronos chain has seen. We pride ourselves on how much we can give back to the community; that’s why we will be giving away a LAMBO to one lucky minter. In order to be entered into the WenLambo giveaway, you must get lucky and mint 1 of 500 Trashcans that wear the Golden Key Earring!  But that’s not all! A handful of ...

2022-10-15 - 2022-10-15


Baby Sharks is an educative NFT project for artists and ocean lovers.It is a limited collection of 10,000 randomly generated collectibles.FORMATION Each NFT comes with a master online class on how to become an NFT creator by learning how to: use Procreate, make an active community on Twitter, automatically generate thousands of images from a few layers, drop your collection on top NFT plateforms, expand your project and grow your community. OCEAN Baby Sharks is helping our beloved p ...

2022-08-28 - 2022-08-28


Boarding pass nft, your key for VIP Lounge. 

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