2022-10-04 - 2022-10-04


PsyCatz is a collection of psychedelic cats, issued as NFTs. Each cat has a given rarity and a combination of different traits, making every cat unique. The idea behind the PsyCatz project is to create a community driven ecosystem whereby PsyCatz NFT owners can reap the rewards of the platform, by letting their cats participate in various events, such as live races! This is just the beginning, more exciting games, features, merchandise and surprises are on their way!

2022-10-04 - 2022-10-04


A collection of 6,000 utility-enabled PFPs gives members access to The XQUI Private Club which unlocks access to deep market analytics, investment products to generate passive income and NFT staking with rewards in XQUI token. XQUI team is doxxed. CEO & Co-founder Chris is a crypto fund manager, leading

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