2022-09-15 - 2022-09-15






BOB Adventure is a super limited collection of 666 NFTs with 100+ different traits. Only 600 will be for sale, because 66NFTs will go to community wallet and will be used for giveaways, contests and other activities. We wanted to make it super limited because we want that demand is more than supply, this will benefit the price for early investors. Also we have 3 different factions. (Humans, Cyborgs and Reptiles) And 3 legendary (1 from each faction) MISSION Our main is to build strong community and become one of well known NFT projects on Cronos ABOUT UTILITY 1. If you manage to collect all 3 factions, you will get generation 2 airdrop 2. By holding generation 1 BOB NFT, you will get automatic WL for next generations 3. DAO - community will be able to vote and participate in other activities 4. Comics – Almost every week we will add one page to our comics 5. Staking – Secondary sale royalties will go to BOB NFT holders, we will use CRODEX 6. Real life surprises for biggest holders 7. Holders of BOB will also receive a free boom room cosmetic component mint for each BOB that they hold which will be themed for the BOB Adventures 8. Giveaways, airdrops, lotteries and much more in the future! Also our community wanted to make investement fund, where they will be able to vote what investements they want to make. PRICE For Public price will be 349CRO WL price will be 299CRO We have special rewards for those who min 5, 10, 15, 20 and 30. And every holder will participate in our 10,000CRO lottery. 1 BOB is 1 ticket to our lottery! We will be launching on BoomerSquad Launchpad in 15th of September, so if you want you can join our Discord and become part of our amazing community!

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