2022-10-07 - 2022-10-07






EveryOnesCreate EOC"Ticket to Made profits" - Which kind a vip you get?Prize pool worth of 55 eth (~90 k$)•    Owning multiple NFTs gets more chances to win•    Check distribution to banner or our web site or tg/discord EOC Founder Member Vip (EFMV) Lifetime Access Membership“Ticket to made profits”•    Start releasing dedicated licensed NFT collections from Artists, Brands and Companies•    Green, non-violent, child-friendly, climate-friendly, anti-war and more…. Join the EOC Founder Member Vip (EFMV) for:•    Unlimited lifetime access to upcoming EOC.world•    Exclusive access to the EFMV area in Discord Holding a EFMV nft grants you full access to everything EveryOnesCreate has to offer.•    Giveaways, sweepstakes, whitelist/discount to upcoming licensed drops and surprise prizes middle of drops•    Paying profits & rewards to EFMV owners•    Partnerships to staking, gaming, etc.•    Upcoming donations (vote and affect things)And more features/tools in development for 2023 includes eoc.world

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