2022-10-09 - 2022-10-09


Magic Eden




A new, unique 555 collection on Solana. Mint @ 0.33 Sol. Each NFT will be a raffle ticket. Right after mint 25% of the proceeds will be raffled off in $Dust. After this the collection will be listed on Magic Eden. 50% of the royalties received on Magic Eden will be raffled off weekly. 50% of of the remaining royalties will be airdropped to holders. The rest of the royalties will be used to pay the team and continue the growth of the project. In the near future we plan to release a gaming site. The first game will be a prize wheel of sorts which gives the user a chance to increase either his $Sol or $Dust. More games will be added in the future to this site. The royalties from this venture will be split the same as the Secondary Market Royalties.

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