2022-10-09 - 2022-10-09






The Awesome Possums NFT Community is an exclusive posse that offers the opportunity to be a part of a talented & fun network, comprising of artists, entrepreneurs, venture capitalist, collectors, investors and visionaries. Mint Date: 09 September 2022 THE PROJECT We are the 1st NFT project aimed towards empowering addiction recovery. 12k unique Awesome Possums (10 rare, 2k 3D) will be launched in this top-tier NFT collection. Community is our #1 priority. We ask our community to believe us when we say enjoy ‘The Road’ and don’t be afraid of it. Even though the road is just the beginning, no road is long with good company and the right directions. “The Road” is the foundation to keep our Awesome Possums proud and invested in their posse. You can expect generous giveaways, games, merch, charity donations, student scholarships, VR gaming, Metaverse community & podcast... The founders of the Awesome Possums NFT Project is dedicated to the project long-term, meaning you WILL NOT catch them playing dead or on the side of the road. We have the vision and drive to be one of the most generous, caring and sought-out NFT communities. As we like to say around here, nothing is im-possum-ble. We vow o'possitivity, integrity, generosity, kindness, inclusion and gratitude.

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