2022-10-09 - 2022-10-09






Our new NFT polygon social membership card allows us to give our loyal community of web3 creators and collectors a chance to be a part of a revolutionary metaverse social hub. A place where creators from around the world can connect, share, and learn from one another. As a member, you will have access to exclusive content and metaverse events. Website login access to community landing pages, NFT giveaways that reward community members, and much more. To Kick off this new membership card, CreativeOwls.io is giving the first 100 NFT holders a metaverse environment as an NFT airdrop. If you are looking to join a new web3 community in the metaverse, give polygon social a look! Our Membership Perks + Access to Community Chats+ Access to Exclusive Events+ Access to Exclusive Metaverses+ Receive Random NFT Airdrops+ Display your brand logo NFT Price Breakdown 0-50 NFTs price at ETH 0.045 51-100 NFTs price at ETH 0.050 101-250 NFTs price at ETH 0.055 251-300 NFTs price at ETH 0.060 301-400 NFTs price at ETH 0.070 401-500 NFTs price at ETH 0.090

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