2022-10-15 - 2022-10-15






Pita por Costa Rica is a collection of 3200 unique and incredible NFT art, inspired in a real animal from Wildlife Rescue Center in Costa Rica. In July, our first collection will be released, a month later, the next collection where you can find other NFTs. All our NFTs living on polygon blockchain. All NFTs are handmade. In this collection, you can find lots of NFTs presented with different type of colors, elements, clothes, but I can´t say more. You must visit our amazing collection! Let's help this charity project, to return the hope of a better quality of life to wildlife animals, by putting some into your wallet. With the buy of any NFT, you have a free pass to visit Wildlife Rescue Center and you can be present in an animal liberation in Costa Rica, this is a unique opportunity. Don’t miss it! Pita por Costa Rica has an ambitious roadmap, including activities before and after the project, like for example, visits, education, and investment.   Please visit our website if you'd like to see more about this project! #nft #NFTCommunity #NFTartist #NFTCollection #collectible #metaverse #rewards

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