2022-10-16 - 2022-10-16






Hello to all, we are a team of French developers passionate about new technologies, cryptocurrencies, games and development.  Recently I surrounded myself with a small team of passionate and willing amateurs and we all have a common project to launch our own NFT collection, Hanter Island, in order to create our own P2E game and an entire ecosystem around it. The team consists of a web dev, a web illustrator, a coder, an illustrator and myself. We are looking to build and establish a solid and long-term structure within the NFT space.  At the moment as we are in the early stages of the project, and as we are amateurs with a small budget we want to gather a solid community to interact with in order to establish a solid base and move forward with our project together. Everyone is welcome and for our first 100 discord members, they will have the privilege to have the role of OG Hanter and many other advantages. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you, Lawyzr

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