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Bounty Hunter for hire … Hunting rugpullers throughout the Metaverse, Uncle Chop Chop is here to protect your bags. This special 10k NFT Collection is a tribute series to the most feared Underworld Executioner and headhunter … Mark " Chopper " Read , affectionately known to his associates as “ Uncle Chop Chop “ . “ Everyone needs an Uncle Chop Chop in the family “ …  The Metaverse is embedded with Cybernetics , Clones , Nanotech , Smart AI and Experimental Technology . Rugpullers , Shillers and Project Killers Lurk..  Corporate Mechs , Military and Police patrol the streets .  UNCLE CHOP CHOP rules the streets ....  As a Bounty Hunter , holding an Uncle Chop Chop provides plenty of bounty ! Bounty 1 : There are 20 ‘ Super Rare ‘ Uncle Chop Chop NFTs to be minted with the GOLD PRISON background , each one Unique in its Traits . Minting one of these awards the holder a piece of original ART signed by Uncle Chop Chop on canvas and a digital copy . His works are fetching up to $10K . Special Bounty : 1 Super Rare will entitle the holder to a personal tour of the ‘ real - life ‘  Uncle Chop Chop’s favourite haunts , bars , clubs , restaurants in Melbourne where he ruled the streets . (All Flights to Melbourne from anywhere in the world and 5* Accommodation for 5 days is included ) Bounty 2 : There are ‘ Secret Rare ‘ 1/1’s that will be randomly Air Dropped to 10 holders . These have Unique Traits not in the 10k collection .  Bounty 3: ALL holders of an Uncle Chop Chop will receive the next Metaverse Bounty Hunter in the Series air dropped as a bonus . Bounty 4 : Raffle Drops of Merch -  T- shirts and Sticker Packs . **Further Bounties will be released as the Collection reaches higher minting milestones ** Spawning into the Metaverse on the 16th September (Pre - mint)  @12pm EST ( 0.03 ETH )  * Public sale 17th September @ 12pm EST - ( 0.04 ETH ) For WL and MINT head to  : unclechopchop.io  1500 WL spots available! , Follow us : twitter.com/UncleCCNFT for details .

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