2022-10-18 - 2022-10-18





NumbSkulls are a native Web3 brand and generative art collection featuring a minimal and iconic design style. SVG vector files. IP rights provided. Any color is rare. // THE COLLECTION 6,666 NumbSkulls200+ Traits4 Visible Properties2 Hidden Properties (Death Day, Cause of Death)9/17 VIP Free Mint9/18 WL Presale 0.02 ETH4 Possible Colors (Red, Green, Gold, Blue)Any Color Is Rare, Multiple Colors Are Super Rare2 Doxxed FoundersMinimal Generative Art // THE ARTIST NumbSkulls are the first NFT drop from the generative artist, @damcreativ. David is a published logo designer and experienced front-end developer with a background in illustration and animation. He discovered generative art through his interest in NFTs, and became obsessive over the art form. He is committed to generative art and the NFT space, and NumbSkulls holders will be rewarded with future drops. // THE BRAND NumbSkulls are an exclusive brand in which NFT holders will own the designs, including IP rights. Each NFT from the collection can be printed onto apparel and merchandise. Let’s change how brands work. Supply is 6,666.

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