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New coin on thenew blockchain TON Meme coins of other blockchains Ethereum, Solana and etc have already grown hundreds of times. Millions of people have bought them all over the world. Elon Musk promotes Dogecoin. There are more and more people joining the crypto industry. We are at the very beginning. Now Ton has its own doggy coin. TON DOGE NFT 5010 unique NFT with $TON DOGE coins airdrop. 50% of all the coins will be given to NFT holders via airdrop and staking. Furthermore, NFT would be crucial for the TON DOGE ecosystem: to participate in a DAO and for a staking. $TON DOGE added to your account on the website could be withdrawn to your TON crypto wallet. Everyone who has bought one of 5010 NFT could become an owner of the Legendary or Very Rare NFT ( their rarity depends from a number of RARE SCORES. Also from this number depends how many coins you would get). TON DOGE Community We love TON and we would help to develop and promote it. Our goal is to be an ambassador of the TON blockchain and friendly guide for the new people in the cryptoworld. Join us and do not miss important announcements, events and giveaways. Telegram As it is widely known that TON blockchain is rooted with a Telegram messenger so as a main platform we use Telegram. We also have made a CABot ( Community Activity Bot) which gives levels, ranks, WL for the activity into the Telegram channel and chat. We also give a small amount of cryptocurrency for the activity. The main activity is happening in Telegram! Channel: https://t.me/TonDogeCoinEN Chat: https://t.me/TonDogeChatEN Bot: https://t.me/TonDogeEN_bot

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