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Who is behind the project?   Our founder is Omar El Yaqout, One of Europe’s youngest fund manager based in Switzerland. Running a series of Swiss funds, working together with Binance and involved in a series of renewable energy, recycling and circular economy projects.   Project details?   You can find all details about our project on our web ( detailed below) and most importantly in our WHITE PAPER ( We have recently finished it and will be subject to corrections and updates )    whitepaper link: https://alphainchain.io/whitepaper   Project launch?    We have 3 sales available in different tiers.    • VIP Sale: Access for Celebs, Influencers and Collaborators. Launch, second half of September 2022. Guaranteed allocation. Access to LANDS in the future. 1000 NFTs to be sold. Cap per person 10NFTs - Price/nft : Ξ 0.1  • Private Sale: Friends and strategic people who will give value and visibility to our project. Guaranteed allocation. 1000 NFTs to be sold. Cap per person 10NFTs - Price/nft : Ξ 0.1 • Public Sale: The general public will be able to purchase. If they manage to get an allocation. 8000 NFTs to be sold. Cap per person 10NFTs - Price/nft : Ξ 0.1      Project launch locations?   We are still studying various launchpads, nft marketplaces such as Opensea and will soon select the ones that suit our project the most.   Project worthiness ?   There is no other NFT project that disposes of the art detailing and aspect of our Wolves Pack and its unique traits. They will also be 3D animated and “full body”, the reason behind this is that they will be part of our P2E TBA blockchain game we have in the works where our holders will be able to access digital lands in the future.    But the most important attribute is what our Wolves will provide our holders…   Yes there are other NFTs that produce residual income, but non of these are linked to Swiss investment funds nor the investment strategies composed of various investment algorithms ( Market Making, Tendency T. , Range T. ) that we have developed and tested. We will diversify our treasury in to our diverse investment methods and will be able to provide the passive income we will make our holders earn passive profit percentages. Our NFTs have utility opposed to most others that are just based on speculation. And we also have a P2E TBA blockchain game in the works where our holders will be able to access digital lands.   Website: www.alphainchain.io   Social media: DISCORD - Chat with us!  |  TELEGRAM - Keep up with us!  |  TWITTER - Re'tweet us!   Existing NFT: Yes we do have a collection we are currently developing with our team   Release date: First sale will be in September 2022 but public release date is yet to be announced. We have various celebrities endorsing our project but we wish to focus on crypto communities and opposed to just pure speculative buyers we wish to attract investors who believe in the future of our project.

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