2022-10-30 - 2022-10-30






10,000 Meta Ghosts will soon invade the Metaverse! Superb NFTs to discover with specialties that can be used in a 3D video game. We will also provide a Pre Mint Pass for 999 first users. Owning a Pre Mint Pass will give you VIP access and a discounted Final Mint. The rarity of each NFT is obviously still being kept secret for now. The entire collection will be in 3D and we are developing a high quality graphics video game. Big partnerships with new metaverses are already done and will be announced! More than just a cool piece of art to trade, we'll be offering exclusive access to many Metaverses. Get Whitelisted today and be the first one to own a META GHOST NFT.  10K NFT Project Will be Minted so come to ask a Whitelist before the Ape in!

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