2022-11-07 - 2022-11-07


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Dr.Afrodite and the 5000 shades of gay series marks the beginning of the reincarnation story of one of the worst anti-gay hate crimes in history. The vicious attack was engineered by two toxic men who pistol-whipped dr.Afrodite then tied her to a fence in -15 degree weather, before setting her on fire and leaving her for death.  This is your chance to acquire one of the 5000 original manifestations from dr.Afrodite's sacrifice as she prepares her army to save humanity from hate crime. The battle waged by dr.Afrodite for equality is the first fully integrated project aimed at equality amongst all people. Each nft or warrior minted is a golden ticket that comes with exclusive benefits.  Official 5000 sog avatars are coming soon, so you better be holding at least one so you can personally wage the battle for equality. We have a bunch of surprises along the way and super rare warriors in the 5000 sog army. As an army of outliers we begin the battle together as one. 5000 shades of gay is about to begin. Solana blockchain Price 3 sol per nft Max 1 per whitelist spot For more information on upcoming details and exclusive benefits offered to holders, visit www.5000sog.Com

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