2022-11-10 - 2022-11-10


Magic Eden




We are pleased to announce that the Rich Saudis are ready to launch their big project. Rich Saudis holders will receive exclusive benefits. Our project development plan is ready and it is very large, we have planned step by step how our project will be implemented and what people who will Hold Rich Saudis will get.  The main points GEN1 555 RICH SAUDIS SOLD OUT!10K GEN 2 Unique Rich Saudis NFTTelsa P90D Tesla 780 BHP GiveawaySolana Games Camel Flip and Guess the Crash1 Billion Token Supply (TBD) More info will be posted on https://richsaudis.io/ Why Rich Saudis? We are pumping oil and you will be able to do the same, because the staking function will be available in the future. Holders will receive royalties from games, also they will get a chance to win one of 3 cars (the first TESLA P90 d model S). You can see more details on our website - https://richsaudis.io/ In our Discord Rich Saudi Son Sheikh Ali Giving away 0.1 SOL x 20 to Lucky Winners Daily. Winners Will Get Payment same day and Rich Saudi Daughter Giving Away 1 Solana Every Week. Chatroom GiveawaysMore giveaways on the live discord RS chat random giveways can range from 3min to 30 min. GEN1 Rich Saudis Holders will get Whitelist to mint GEN2 Rich Saudis.    GEN1 Rich Saudis - 555 unique NFT's collection. GEN1 & GEN2 Rich Saudis Holders will get chance to win TESLA P90 MODEL S also royalties from games.    GEN2 Rich Saudis - 10 000 unique NFT's colletion. Soon will be available real hubs and solana games (Camel Flip and Solana Crash Games Under development - coming soon)

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