2022-09-10 - 2022-09-10






Oledus is a Metaverse NFT Project consisting out of 10 000 myserious characters hidden in the puzzle on the Ethereum Blockchain. The Hunt is a weekly story-based riddle event where Estarians, Adventurers, and Knights can participate together. This is not a solo event. While it takes only 1 person to discover the answer to progress the event, we look for active participation and teamwork. Put the pieces of the puzzle together and solve the mystery. There are a few channels on our Discord server under ‘The Hunt’ category containing password boxes. Enter the answer to the password box, and if it’s correct, all participants will see a notification. As mentioned earlier, The Hunt is a story-based riddle, so the answer might not be simple as black and white. Think outside the box, look at the story as a whole, and communicate with other participants to understand the central theme of the event. The website is the first place to find clues, hover over different parts of the website to find hints, read carefully and examine the artwork. You can find the next clues by unlocking The Hunt channels on our Discord. Use ‘The-Hunt-Chat’ to talk with other hunters. Good luck and have fun!

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