2022-09-12 - 2022-09-12






Agent1 is a "play-to-earn gaming" NFT, that renders its visuals based on the holders' actions and wallet contents. It "polymorphs and grows" with each trade and transaction. Only a limited 10,001 exist, as holders' merge them to form Super Agent1s.  Each holder is an investor and also gains access to the MetaVerse game, Moonland scheduled for Q2 2022 (see: https://agent1.xyz/story) Rent, buy & sell lands. Play, earn tokens, and sell them for ETH and cash. AAA graphics game waiting for you. Morphing NFTs that change according to the contents of your wallet, your trades, and more. They are ALL TEXT graphic that is randomly generated, they start from TEXT and polymorphs multiple times before they become a 3D piece. 10,001 NFTs that are unique digital collectible programs running on the Ethereum blockchain. Changing forms as they move through your wallets. They start as the text you can copy and paste from your browser. Try it!

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