2022-09-14 - 2022-09-14






Free mint. On Ethereum. 10,000 collection. Those are the main points. Manly Men Collective shows, that it is okay to be a Manly Man. But it also shows, that Manly Men are what they want to be. That is what makes a Manly Man. The courage to be different. The bravery to do your think. The idea to be you. Manly Men Collective is not just for men. It’s for everyone. Manly Men Collective is a message, an idea, that to be a Manly Man is to be yourself. To be what you want. To be you. That is why Manly Men Collective is full of Manly Men being themselves. Holding star wands and pillows. 1% of secondary sales will be donated to Mens mental health charities around the globe. 

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