2022-09-14 - 2022-09-14





Cats & Dogs MINT! - 100% REFUND IF NFT PRICE FALLS BELOW MINT PRICE. The new generation of web games 3 developed by a Doxxed World Class Team (exp. on Disney, Forbes, Gala Games, etc). With +600 Influencers  +50 Big Venture Capital Funds & Partners  +45 Collabs with Top Projects done. Thousands of users (the tutorial game is live and the final version will be released weeks after the mint). The ONLY and FIRST project with an NFT Price Insurance.  Recover 100% of your investment back if the price falls below the mint price. Get whitelisted now and enjoy the benefits: 1- The first 500 Mints, will get for FREE, an EXCLUSIVE Dog Kennel, designed by an Architect.  2- Each Mint Wallet will receive the fees for the secondary market sales (For Life, yes… FOR LIFE).  3- EACH MINT WILL GET FREE 500 $PET Token. & MANY MORE! Nobody can go far alone, TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE.  Your pet awaits you,  Welcome to Cats & Dogs.

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