2022-09-15 - 2022-09-15






This is Ham the space hero, now aged and living in a zoo, and taking pictures on the weekends with children that want him pretending he is still an astronaut. He likes that. (Ham was the first chimpanzee to fly in space on January 31, 1961. During Ham's flight, he spent approximately 16 minutes in the air, while the space capsule accelerated to a speed of approximately 5800 mph and reached a height of 157 miles. For a little more than six minutes, Ham was weightless. It is said that after he was finally released from the capsule after landing back on Earth, his face beamed with an enormous grin. Ham died on January 18, 1983, at the estimated age of 26, 22 years after he made his historic space flight. The NAUM 22 collections are purely digital expressions of ideas and nothing in these collections existed in any other form before being generated in a native digital image format by a digital neural network.  The NAUM Ham the Elder is first and foremost a collection of pure digital NFT art.  

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