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Sigilia is a collection of 888 uniquely drawn NFT art-pieces created by sinismutual inspired by the Mystical Spiritual Seals. Each NFT is drawn with certain Angel Numbers to manifest the Mystical Powers of the Angels by using Witch’s Wheel Method. A continuous line is drawn by using Desired Wish's (in English) non-repeating letters on The Sigilia Wheel to Seal the Wish. Each NFT's background is unique and made of white paper. The Green metallic colour is used to commemorate The Power of Green to expresses Attraction and Harmony. There are also three different plated special edition backgrounds. Total of 888 pieces symbolises Achievements and Success are here. Each art piece is 1500 by 1500 pixels where 1500 signifies love area of life. Line Width is 19px (excluding over-riding lines) where 19 is an Angelic Number of helping others. Line Caps ( I , O ) are 77 pixels where 77 remarks Divine Guidance is activated and it’s bringing wisdom into your life. Sigilia Collection is created with manifold.xyz platform in order to maintain the professional attitude.

Tags: #art

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