2022-09-15 - 2022-09-15






TenPercent is a unique project in which holders earn a portion of all project profits. The base percentage for all common NFTs will be 0.01% of all project profits. There will be an opportunity to raise the level which will increase the percentage of profits There will also be 10 Rare NFTs and one Legendary with an increased base factor 400 will be distributed by the FreeMint raffle (payment only for gas) The first 400 NFTs on the open market will be at a discounted price. 100 will be distributed by lucky random with a 10% chance of success 100 will be available at the base price of PublicMint Further distribution 111 NFTs (10% of total supply) will be allocated for further distribution 11 NFTs (10% of 111 NFTs) will be allocated for gifts for activity and for the administration 10 NFTs will be distributed among community members for free, 1 NFT each month for 10 months 10% of the 11 NFTs (1 NFT) allocated to the head of the community (will be wound up after the distribution of 1110 NFTs, ie the last) 100 NFTs will be distributed through a lottery of 10 NFTs each month for 10 months. The price will be set at a 10% discount from the floor price

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