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Join us for the third round of the BeatTrekkers DJ Battle Competition presented by MetaTrekkers and watch LIVE as DJ Get Bizzy & Category5 throw down for the opportunity to move to the semi-finals! Hosted by DG resident, DJ TRAX! Battle will be held at DIGIFUN: 18, -66 MetaTrekkers NFT is celebrating its official launch with the first DJ battle of the BeatTrekkers Series, a unique, innovative entertainment concept developed by MetaTrekkers. It will bring DJ battles to different Decentraland venues (MetaTrekkers Club, Decentral Games, DigiFun, DCL Report, Roustan, Dragon City, Wisher Vodka, Peanutbutta, Multi NFT, CromUland, Inkeeper, DCLBrasil, iambverse, BeatBlox, Purple Bee), through a series of engaging events where the MetaTrekkers community will have exclusive access and voting rights, and will decide the winners. Besides the exclusive 1ETH “Winning DJ Bracket” giveaway and POAPs/NEATs available to the NFT holders, the winners of the battles will be rewarded ETH, MANA and a big prize – we will support the launch of their album. As an added value for our Pioneers Whitelist members, 5% royalties of the album sales will be equally distributed among them. Join us on Discord and learn about our NFT and the long list of benefits they come with. MetaTrekkers Website: https://metatrekkers.io/beattrekkers Discord: https://discord.com/invite/EYF3sNp3WN Twitter: https://twitter.com/MetaTrekkers

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