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Welcome to an exclusive tour aimed at metaverse rookies. We’ll be visiting popular places in decentraland and discussing their features, novelties, and activities, in detail. Our itinerary: Metatrekkers clubhouse - beyond the innovative architecture, our decentraland club has become a hub for nft art lovers and metaverse party goers. With half a year of activity and over 20 events hosted, we’re proud to introduce a new stage in our development - the metatrekkers collection and all the entertainment opportunities that will debut with it. Genesis plaza educational - at the heart of decentraland, genesis plaza was always meant to be an experience that welcomed users to the metaverse, providing a stepping off point for the rest of the virtual world. Wonder mine game - wondermine lives in decentraland, a free-to-play virtual world. We're in the wonderzone amusement park district at -29,56. Multi nft - "Your metaverse nightlife center. We focus on bringing the joy of music and live parties to the metaverse. Our events connect musicians, artists, and creators to highly engaged web3 audiences to forge new relationships and share unique experiences across the space" The tour will end at the metatrekkers club where we’ll explain what it means to be an official point of interest and we’ll be taking in questions. The event is open for everyone! Learn more at Metatrekkers: trekk metaverse as a community grow as an individual! Website: https://metatrekkers.Io/ Discord: https://discord.Com/invite/eyf3snp3wn Twitter: https://twitter.Com/metatrekkers

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