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In dark times some people will shineKeep innovating We shall overcome! O project is a collection containing 3,333 randomly generated NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Everything of the O project starts with an O cell. O cell gets affected by the environment.After the metamorphosis, the body of the O cell will be split into countless O cells. Encountering with different elements or organisms, the divided O cells will change form. Their purpose is to occupy the world, perhaps it is already around you, ready to invade…… Come and evolve with your O cell. Good or evil is on you, and you can even design the formation of your O cell at any time! The first generation O cell is O project’s base level of membership. Don’t miss out the opportunity of various community leader-level access and perks. Start your O Cell journey here today! Follow us on Twitter and Discord One O Cell GEN1.0=NFT Pass to Micro Metaverse=Airdrop for GEN2.0=IRL Pass to Our Cruise Journey=3D Derivatives to all GEN1 holders=Access to our merch shop in NYC Looking forward to meeting you in the Micro Metaverse!

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