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Medieval Empires is an elaborate, multi-player online strategy game set in what is now modern-day Turkey during the late 13th century. The storyline of the game initially focuses on Ertuğrul Gazi, a tribal warrior and a celebrated leader of the Kayi tribe. The game is set in a passive PvE area and starts with players building towns while trading, fighting, and forging alliances. Continuous battles will help expand the world map into an ever-evolving game universe. Goals for players include daily missions, general tasks, and story missions, with progression based on the successful completion of these tasks and missions. Land is an integral part of Medieval Empires' economy and gameplay and will initially be sold by the game through NFT marketplaces, using the Polygon network. The game will contain different kinds of land – the first one would be the starting area. This kind of land is for every player that joins Medieval Empires as a new player. Within this land, there is no fee to start playing, but the tax on all rewards is the highest. Also, players will be limited in how far they can progress on this land. Players can start their game journey, without any pre-condition but would eventually have to move on to purchased land. Purchased land would be mainly owned by people who have bought Land NFTs. This land has different Tiers of quality, each Tier with its own set of benefits. Landowners set the taxes and fees they request from players settling on their land. This land is still PvE only.

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