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Mitama is an NFT collection with heart, soul, and purpose. The goal of Mitama is to better the world. Our project has a long roadmap which will benefit our holders and the world for the long haul. Using smart contracts, Mitama royalties generated from trading volume are distributed to NGOs (charities) automatically via the blockchain at the time of every single sale. There are seven traits that have been selected by the team to represent certain malevolent forces in the world that we seek to rectify. When buying an NFT on secondary with a particular trait, 4% of the purchase price will be immediately sent to that particular charity. Initial charities are selected by the team, and the charities are required to report to discord photographic “proof” of using the funds. The community will manage these charities and if the community deems the charity is not doing their job, a vote will occur. The community can “fire” that charity and replace it with another that is vetted and voted on. This is our first step in building a self sufficient DAO. Our roadmap includes scaling this decentralized human betterment organization with the main goal of instilling self sufficiency to its beneficiaries. Our DAO will bypass inefficiencies in NGOs allowing those wishing to better themselves and their communities to directly apply for project admission. Mitama collection will in total be a 10000 (9000 minted, 1000 reserved) dynamic NFT collection coming with a trading volume induced evolutionary feature that will benefit holders. and a percentage of the proceeds will go to donations and the future Mitama Metaverse where works of good and betterment will be instituted and humans helped and assisted to reach their true higher levels. Holders of evolved NFTs, active community members and active traders are rewarded in our DAO’s voting power calculations, and will have a correspondingly powerful voice in the DAO. The final 1000 NFTs are traitless handmade 1 of 1’s which will provide 1000 days of fundraising to provide runway funding to the DAO. (The 1of1’s will be auctioned once a month)

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