2022-09-20 - 2022-09-20






Fashionistas of all types must all be bouncing with joy, as the iconic web3 brands RLTY, The Fabricant, and World of Women are teaming up for an upscale three-day metaverse fashion event.  Thus, the web3 event company RLTY is joining efforts with two web3 mastodons to hold a big-scale Decentraland metaverse fashion event in the web3 headquarters Synth Ave. Both The Fabricant and World of Women (WoW) projects need no additional introduction, being honored as the most eminent representatives in the web3. As a result of this mighty trio's collaboration, an unsurpassed virtual event for web3 fashion lovers will be going live between September 20th and 22nd. The event's VR premises will be adorned with fashionable WoW and other fashion-themed NFTs exhibited on its walls. Besides, RLTY promises to deliver a plethora of other entertainment solutions for the attendees, including music, pop-up shops, and discussion educational panels on digital fashion from the WoW, The Fabricant, and others. Pre-empting the Decentraland web3 fashion event, The Fabricant and World of Women have created 27 metaverse-compatible original looks NFTs. These NFTs will be displayed on-site as 3D rotating images and will be all available for grabs utilizing Decentraland's native token MANA. The 27 vibrant fashion wearables actually come as a part of the larger 1K-piece NFT collection by The Fabricant x WoW, which is currently on sale via OpenSea at a floor price of 0.01 ETH. In addition, there will also be 1,000 The Fabricant x WoW crypto purses and an exclusive supernova purse available for grabs.  The idea behind the event is to unveil the web3 fashion potential, alongside offering women the bountiful world of the metaverse.  Sounds appealing to you? If your answer is yes, the tickets for the fashion show are currently available via the RLTY website. 

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