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Welcome to the D:CCD:CC is the secret society that serves the Cosmic Cat God the Grrreat. To spread its perfection across the galaxy, the Grrreatness has decentralized itselfand shed its fur throughout the universe; this is the cat.  Owning D:CC-issued PFP means that you are accepted as a member of D:CC,with the eternal blessing from the Cosmic Cat God the Grrreat.  Requirements#1 Join Nine Chronicles Discord [Nine Chronicles Discord] https://discord.gg/planetarium #2 Acquire ' Catcolyte ' RoleAcquiring the Catcolyte role is quite easy! It's a piece of mouse?! Just click the [Click the Join] button in the lobby after entering the server. For meow-re about Pionyan Program No.2 [Pionyan Program No.2] https://www.premint.xyz/dcc_PP2/  Nine Chronicles is the world's first full chain blockchain MMORPG.D:CC's NFT is not just a simple PFP(profile picture). You can immerse yourself into play, craft, and earning experience with your PFP in the world of Nine Chronicles. Moreover, the PFP holders, as a member of D:CC, will enjoy exclusive rewards,in-game items, and additional currencies only available to D:CC members! Holders can find mysterious events & rewards in the dungeons developed by our multiverse partners. (one of our multiverse partners is the SandBox!) Whatever your expectations are, D:CC will overwhelm you. meow!Nyan-men to the Cosmic Cat God the Grrreat!  About Nine Chronicles [Nine Chronicles Website] http://nine-chronicles.com/

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