2022-09-20 - 2022-09-20





One Mint Genesis NFT For the past months, we have seen how the NFT has evolved from being a wild-west featured film with new projects emerging daily, to a more sophisticated ecosystem where brands and artists position themselves in a revolutionary niche.Today we are proud to announce an industry-changing milestone: launching our first dynamic NFT collection fully powered by One Mint NFT Generator. Each Genesis Character is fully customizable with special and upgradable traits, available on the "add-on" marketplace. Add-ons are tradable on their own. You may add add-ons to the main token and put it together for auction.  Holders will be granted special access to our One Mint Dynamic NFT Launchpad, and be rewarded with our native token $ONE (ERC-20).In order to get early access, you must follow the requirements on the form above, and you'll instantly be added to our whitelist.   $ONE Token Special Reward to HOLDERS! Our Genesis collection will provide a staking pool, rewarding holders with $ONEFT - our native token. These ERC-20 tokens will provide users with the following benefits: Creators will gain access to the first dynamic NFT launchpad Collectors will gain access to a reserved supply from collections launching on One Mint Early access to our marketplace designed uniquely for dynamic NFTs Add-ons only mintable with $ONEFT token   Dynamic NFT Marketplace We created the first interchangeable NFT traits marketplace with truly dynamic NFTs. With this, we aim to pave the way for a new NFT Trait Economy, where customizable NFTs open the doors to creativity - resulting in a new add-on marketplace.Each NFT Add-On is on its own a non-fungible token, and when attaching them to the base character, both tokens' metadata gets merged - thus creating a new unique piece.We have not yet seen anything similar to what we do, because of the technical implication it is supposed, but after weeks of research, we've cracked the code, now we are opening the doors to those who join our roadmap by becoming exclusive Genesis and $ONE Holders. 

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