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A collection of 10,000 properties on altair, hyperborea Altair properties Welcome to the island of hyperborea, located in the northern atlantic ocean. The properties in this collection is located in the suburb of altair on hyperborea. Each of the 10,000 nfts has a unique combination of features ranging from time of day to the architectural style of the property.  Goals With this project, we aim to create a community to build the island of hyperborea and take it to new heights. From merch to raffles, giveaways, property renovations, and much more, the island will be built by the people. Utility The currency of hyperborea is the spl token leviathan ($lvtn). Holders of altair properties will be airdropped $lvtn which can then be used in the hyperborea dao, exclusiive future drops, property renovation and much more. Minting Public minting will open on september 20 for 0.3 sol. Whitelist presale minting can be done by people with $lvtn in their wallets, discounted at 0.2 sol. Apply for the whitelist here: https://forms.Gle/vrpbeqywvfdutjvg9 or contact me on discord or twitter.  *** hyperborea is a fictional island created for the purposes of this project

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