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T-Brids, (Tennis Hybrids), is an exclusive and upmarket collection of 40 unique T-Brid NFTs for the ELITE. FEATURED ON ABC NEWS, MORNING NEWS BREAKFAST, VIC HEALTH https://www.facebook.com/abc/videos/1327452508017293 Countless of Press Releases and Articles on T-Brids throughout the media  https://www.abc.net.au/melbourne/programs/takeover-melbourne/darell-doncaster/101563462  https://m.weibo.cn/status/MiiRUlW7D?from=page_1002062624097370_profile&wvr=6&mod=weibotime&type=comment&jumpfrom=weibocom Quoted as: "The Revival of NFTs" - ABC NEWS "T-Brids are the front runners in this Web3 Movement" - News Breakfast "It's a Digital Takeover. T-Brids is not here for the short term" - RYAN ADDA WE are bridging the gap between photography and art in the NFT space. Being the first NFT collection on the Opensea Marketplace to infuse both photos and art together, each T-Brid is integrated with a richly diverse and distinctive set of traditional and contemporary artistic styles onto the in-motion tennis snapshot, creating our hybrids. Why T-Brids? Our goal at T-Brids is to create and give YOU a seamless transition from the real world to the virtual world (Metaverse). We know that most of our audience and followers are either brand new or have just heard about NFTs and T-Brids - Whether it be from the news, media, or through promotional advertisements. So we’ve gone ahead and made everything: Jargon Free Straight to the point and intelligible Holds legitimate and tangible value in the real world Community driven. Empowered by a tight-knit and likeminded community who are passionate about NFTs like YOURSELF. Appreciable Artwork. Each T-Brid is more than just a photo, and more than just art. Each T-Brid holds a unique and driven story behind it. Where the artistic style and technique embeded on the snapshot is influenced based on it’s meaning and context - creating the perfect artwork. Exclusive and upmarket. Most NFT Collections seen today and in the past, vary from 5000 to 10000 total NFTs, which loses it’s quality, exclusivity and value. On the contrary, T-Brids upholds itself in opulence, and has concentrated and increased it’s quality and value to 40 NFTs, creating the best NFTs possible. With over 256 hours collected and spent on sketching, drafting, curating and designing the T-Brids Collection, each T-Brid is personalized and exclusive.

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