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About the Collection Stitching together a new universe from the fabric of the fiat world with fantastical threads of the parallaxes, the ever-growing collection features real-world elements reimagined through the Chronicles' lens. Together they narrate the stories across the infinite Parallaxes. Storyline The world is constructed by an interconnected web of parallaxes, realms at different point of the human timeline progressing in parallel. Without the knowledge of their mutual existence, interaction between parallaxes went undetected. But over time, individuals were gifted the ability to move between parallaxes. They became known as trekkers. Some trekkers used their gift for exploitation to amass the most valuable commodity – Ezza, knowledge stored in the form an illuminating orb. Others used their gift to stop these bad actors. The two opposing force kept the world in equilibrium until… The Art Using a trading card concept, the project lays foundation for a TCG x RPG crossover. While there are several different card types, assets are one-of-a-kind and can only have 1 owner at any point in time and thus command a higher premium.

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