2022-12-14 - 2022-12-14






The Big Bang explosion… The start of space and time, the beginning of the universe. The Big Bang flung energy in all directions, creating matter and propelling it outward to make billions of galaxies of our vast universe. Discover now one of those distant galaxies, THE DARKLING. A huge UNKNOWN GALAXY. A GALAXY with stars, asteroids, planets, satellites, interstellar gas and dark matter. A GALAXY populated by unidentified creatures. We present you a collection of 8 888 NFTs, a collection of marvelous astronomical bodies with unique features. Each NFT planet is exceptional and has its own peculiarities, starting with interstellar gas, asteroids, stars, ending with fabulous rings and admirable textures and colours. Each feature adds value to the planets’ holders and defines the NFT’s rarity. BECOME THE DARKLING GALAXY MEMBER AND OWN A PART OF THE UNIVERSE.

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