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RealChain is a legitimate Real Estate web3 business backed by VC, big actors and strategic partnerships in the industry. The goal is to create a DAO where homeowners, investors, and agents come together to buy and sell property through tokenized, fractionalized real estate NFT's whereby people will be able to invest in real estate globally by bypassing borders. There are considerable real world partners involved, such as Blueground and Keller Williams, recently partnered up with Beyond Earth Online, and currently in partnership agreements with Sandbox too. Also partnered with Lightnift which is currently building its NFT tools and appraisal algorithms. The Founders Collection is a 5555 total supply divided in 3 tiers (each launched on a dedicated phase). - Alpha Pass: Supply 55 sold out at 5k usd each on private sale. - Genesis Pass: Supply 500 launching in late Nov / early Dec. - Originals Pass: Supply 5000 launching right after phase 2. Owners will collect NFT sales royalties from the subsequent collection. They will be able to acquire a fraction of a tokenized Real Estate and profit from it when RC realtors finalize the sale. The entire team is doxxed at www.realchain.xyz

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