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Woahs are a collection of 5000 unique characters like nothing you have ever seen. A project where real world art, NFT culture and Web3 combine. Holders will be able to stake Woahs for $Clout, participate in exclusive art auctions, live events and much more.A peek into what Woah’s have planned. We don’t have your everyday roadmap but instead a plan to build a brand that propels Woahs into future successGlobal Art house and brand- Host Art Auctions featuring works from masters to up and coming artists.- Mellow Merch - That speaks to the Woah vibe- Consistent activity and campaigns- Collaborations with other brands- And much more…World Of Art HouseExclusive Art Auctions with extremely competitive reserve prices. Art is one of the most valuable assets you can own, because it consistently increases in value. Being a part of Woahs opens the door to collecting one-of-a-kind pieces whether it’s in Web 3 or the Real World.An Ecosystem$Clout token, Woah Circle, Mellow Merch and the Art House will all play key roles in the development of the Woah brand. $Clout is at the center of our ecosystem and Woah holders have the opportunity to earn it via staking and unique game theory participation.CommunityPartaking in a VIP art show is one of the best experiences. Woahs are your access to being a VIP, special invitations and perks await. We want to build a place for NFT and art enthusiast to share and create meaningful relationships.PossibilitiesWoahs were created with intention and passion for art. Each Woah has a story and an origin. To understand what they stand for will bring a greater appreciation for them as individuals and art.The Vibe “Stay Mellow” is not just a catch phrase for Woahs. It’s a reminder that everything is going to be alright. A mantra to stay positive and keep working towards your goals. Life can be hectic and challenging, sometimes we all need a reminder to stay mellow.

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