2022-12-15 - 2022-12-15





frens is a web3 community growth app. We have a CRM that connects Discord, wallets and twitter (we will support Telegram and non-chat communities soon...) and more. This allows us to "see" our members in new ways. The CRM will always be free. Additionally, we have growth tools that incentivize inviting new members, sharing news on twitter and more. We also are working on analytics, automated collaborations, and new and unique ways to engage your existing members and obtain new ones. These will be available for $50/mo next year. However, are NFTs give you a discount by purchasing annual license for 2023 in advance. We will be releasing in tranches starting at $100 (private for existing frens communities only...install now if you want to be included at https://www.frens.place/frens-features#install-frens) and ending at $500. Additionally, as we hit different levels of sales, there will be giveaways and even a unique PFP mint. More info is available at: https://www.frens.place/post/frens-genesis-license-nft-mint-is-coming

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