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Your Arctic Adventure begins with an Expedition to collect Creature Coins, gem shards and legendary blendstones. You’ll use your creature coins to redeem your creature of choice, gem shards to upgrade from common to rare and legendary blendstones to upgrade your creatures to epic. Stake your Rare and Epic creatures for NOLA and prepare your army for our upcoming Journeys & Trade Routes. With great risk comes great reward, so get out there and explore everything this world has to offer! Up to 3 Rewards(2 Rewards + 50% chance for 3rd Reward) 70% Gem ShardsUsed to upgrade Common to Rare Creatures, or combine 5 to create a Blendstone 12% Blendstones2 NEW Blend Stones (Sapphire & Sodalite)NEW Arctic Gem Shards (Use to Upgrade Common Creatures or Combine in to Blendstone)*Blend Gem Shards from Explorer Series on NeftyBlocks 18% Creature CoinsRedeemable for 14 NEW Arctic Creatures BLEND YOUR CREATURES & BLENDSTONES OCEAN CLEANUP SOCIAL CAUSEA Portion of pack sales will be donated to #TeamSeas https://teamseas.org/ Visit our website for additional details, whitepaper and roadmap JOIN OUR DISCORD COMMUNITYFor information on the drop or how to buy packs, join us on Discord and our mods will assist you.

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