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thepicassoproject intersects fine art, neural networks, and NFTs. By carefully studying the artwork produced by Pablo Picasso, a custom neural network has been trained to synthesize and create completely original pieces of art that simultaneously pay homage to the artist, while re-imagining his genius. In contrast to exhibitions that showcase artist retrospectives, thepicassoproject capitalizes on machine learning to offer an interpretation of Picasso as a prospective. The collection comprises of 10,000 stand-alone works of art, beautifully diverse, and unique by design. This is fine art in NFT form.  The team is comprised of science PhD students from the University of California who love art and have a passion for artificial intelligence and neural networks. thepicassoproject originated after an inspiring visit to the Picasso museum in Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter. Their mission is to create beautifully diverse and original NFT art, building on the emotions, styles, and creativity of Pablo Picasso. This project celebrates the innovative spirit of Picasso and the power of Neural Networks. thepicassoproject team is thrilled to share this unique fine art with their community. Mint-day will be held online on December 19, 2022. This is an opportunity to purchase a unique and original piece of art from the collection. For those who are new to the world of NFTs, their website contains a “how-to” document that demystifies the acquisition process. The minting process is inherently random and individuals will receive a surprise artwork from the collection. A significant fraction of sales will benefit nonprofit organizations such as the Kids & Art Foundation.  Visit thepicassoproject’s website to learn more about the project and head to their Instagram to see daily artworks. thepicassoproject will host a series of in-person events early next year that will be announced soon.

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