2022-12-20 - 2022-12-20






Orange Comet and legendary basketball champion and Hall of Famer, SCOTTIE PIPPEN, are stepping into the metaverse with dynamic limited-edition virtual wearable cross-platform sneakers. And, oh yeah, some actual PHYSICAL Scottie Pippen kicks as well! This exclusive and limited sneaker collection celebrates Scottie’s career from his early years to his legendary days with the Chicago Bulls…but through the virtual lens of Orange Comet’s uber design team; featuring a series of worlds where digital and physical wearables will be drawn from four unique classifications: Each NFT sneaker will not only feature Orange Comet’s signature 3D animations, but it will also be built as a Metaverse-Ready digital asset – ready to be worn in just about any ecosystem. Want to Be One of the First to Get Early Access to ALL OF THIS & Stay Updated on the Latest? Join the SP33 Allow List.

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