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RedCat Multiverse is the world’s first Play, Learn and Earn gaming platform developed by the thought leaders behind League Of Legends, Algorand, and MIT Media Lab as well as MIT and Stanford. This innovative blockchain platform revolutionizes adult learning through intrinsic and extrinsic motivation with highly engaging games utilizing the latest immersive research models. With four genres and 160 characters in development and production, RedCat Multiverse is magical yet real! Inception NFT holders will have exclusive access to the early versions of the RedCat Multiverse! The first public NFT collection from the RedCat Multiverse is quite revolutionary as well. Each of these artistically-advanced Inception NFTs act as a game-starter package that is bursting with utility and in-game assets, offering exceptional value for gamers and investors alike.  Inception NFTs multiply in gameplay providing players with six additional character NFTs that they get to select. For early birds, Inception NFTs provide players with ten additional character NFTs. Inception NFT holders will have exclusive access to the Private Beta Inception Phase of the RedCat Multiverse. Each Inception NFT includes additional play card NFTs (trading cards) and limited edition graphics, not to mention a 3D printing file. These wildly imaginative NFTs contain special gaming assets tied to rarity with three categories available for purchase - Essential, Rare, and Legendary. With a roadmap extending out past 2026, the RedCat Multiverse is built for long-term economic sustainability, protecting your NFT investment.  RedCat Multiverse was founded in late 2021 by a three-time entrepreneur who was an engineer and an educator earlier in her career as well as an MIT and Algorand alum. RedCat Multiverse’s Creative Director was among the founding team at League of Legends and contributed to projects like Star Wars. RedCat Multiverse has an extended team of 50 individuals, with 26 investors. Be a part of the movement. Let’s revolutionize adult learning through fun!

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