2022-12-21 - 2022-12-21


Magic Eden




Wildcat alliance: solana tigers nft collection Supply: 5555 Chain: sol Price: 1 sol  Mint date: dec 21st   Sneak peek video: Https://youtu.Be/ujqn6kaha2i   Wildcat alliance introduction   Our team consists of web2 and web3 professionals that are experienced/successful in their fields and doxxed.  There is a wildcat reserve that we donate to and we have a great community that loves wildcats. The founders are very active in the community doing twitter spaces and going to events like the one coming up in miami. There are over 20 daos and nft collabs we have set up, including okay bears, trippin apes, and taiyo robotics. On the 18th of nov we will be an exhibitor in the metaconference metaverse with our own booth.   Asset backed nft collection The wildcat alliance is a multichain validator network that uses a single coin payout in conjunction with our dapp.  The nft collections on each blockchain give you access to all the nodes’ combined annual reward rates.  To view the status of the network all you have to do is use the dao hub.  The foundation of all blockchains is their ability to process transactions.  Being a validator is akin to being a nft miner in the proof of stake world.   Our nodes pay you mev rewards as they achieve consensus for everyone. Blue chip artwork The blue-chip artist from :lion_face:** lazy lions **:crown:, *deborah beregszaszi* is our artist. Elite dev team Our female developer worked for hp as a programmer for 25 years and has her own collections on multiple blockchains.  Miami party There will be a miami after mint party free for nft holders Merch shop The merch shop has some dope threads that display our nfts in very fashionable ways Site: https://wildcatalliance.Com Discord: https://discord.Gg/wildcatalliance Twitter: https://twitter.Com/wildcatalliance

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