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2022-12-22 - 2022-12-22


The Ethernal Ones is a Web3 brand, launched through a NFT project concept that allows each community member to fully have the ownership over their assets, enabling them to participate in the unfolding of the legend. We aim to create a perpetual story that will always allow for new connections and possibilities. Through our journey, we will create an environment, based on our story, that will foster the building of a decentralized community while giving us the possibility to innovate. ...

2022-09-22 - 2022-09-22


A collection of Warrior Lions and Lionesses that live on the Ethereum blockchain and serve as your pass into the P2E Lionverse-Metaverse with amazing travel discounts. Earn daily staking rewards, morph & breed your Lions to upgrade their stats. We've built our own metaverse (Lionverse), which supports our native ‘Steak’ tokens, where holders can enjoy P2E games and earn big rewards. There will be a number of lands for other projects to acquire & customize to integr ...

2022-09-03 - 2022-09-03


A private collection of 30 roboto pixel living in polygon Made by m2_nfts  (10% of sales will go to open source crypto projects) Discord: ( 10 members) instagram: (11334 subs) twitter (60 users) Project for investors profit Each tier will have different prices to make sure investor's profit & floor. Prices: 1-8 =0.005 prices: 9-16 0.008 prices: 17-22=0.01 prices: 23-27 = 0.05 28-30: marketing. ====roadmap=== 05/07/2022: start creating nft models  10/07/2022: lookin ...

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