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2022-10-09 - 2022-10-09


The ultimate NFT – EARN up to 4,000 USD per month (in crypto) Your chance to get the unique 10K $ NFT car! K4 Rally is the first blockchain rally racing game – developed by real race drivers and backed by the rally community. The game is already live in open beta. Now the founders celebrating the first NFT race car drop with a special edition. You can only win with this mystery drop. The K4 Rally Founders Edition is featuring the original race car of the K4 Ral ...

2022-10-07 - 2022-10-07


Mr. Gambler is a 1,000 collection of randomly (de)generated ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. Our mission is simple: build the largest community of degenerate gamblers in the metaverse. When it comes to our prestigious club of 'gens, we're all about bringing together people who love to gamble on sports, cards, and video games into one singular community. A peer-to-peer environment where you can root against your friends with crypto. And to do so without the o ...

2022-09-15 - 2022-09-15


This is a Dollar Bill that was autographed by Mark Messier, Brian Leetch, Alexander Karpovtsev, and Sergei Zubov on the night they won the Stanley Cup in 1994

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